What Causes Changes In The Stock Market?

 What Causes Changes In The Stock Market?

Stock market is ever changing and is quite complicated to understand. Basically, the main thing that brings changes in the stock market is the change in price. Often the prices of the stocks go up as well as down. There are many reasons why these prices of the stock fluctuate. Investors who are always looking for stocks to invest their money keep themselves updated. A simple change in the stock market can have a huge affect on the prices of the stocks. If you are into stock investment then you must know the things that have an impact on the stock market. Here are some of the reasons behind the changes that often you can see in the stock market. 

#1: Inflation

During the time of inflation the prices of the goods rise. Inflation also makes the worth of dollar less. Due to this, the cost of car which was $ 7,000 back in 1981 is $ 17,000 in 2001. During the time of inflation, people tend to spend a less and thus the companies also do not make much money. When this happens to some companies, investors lose their interest and confidence on those companies. They start selling their stocks as it worth less and the price of those stocks are continuously going down. This happens a lot with many companies during the time of inflation. Thus the stock market face a huge change than that of the normal time as it goes through a downward shift. 

#2: Interest Rates

Interest rate also has a huge impact on the changes in the stock market. In order to control the inflation, federal funds interest rates are often increased by the Federal Reserve System. This is the interest rate which banks have to pay for the loans that they take from the Federal Reserve. When bank has to pay higher interest rates they increase the interest rates of the loans they give and credit cards. This makes the customers spend less as well as the businessmen to borrow less from the banks. Thus, when the consumers stop spending and do not buy, the profit of the businesses decreases a lot. This affects the prices of the stocks directly and it decreases. Similarly, when the company profits increase, the investors tend to buy more and more stocks.

#3: Energy and Oil Prices

People need energy every time in their day to day work. Without natural gas, electricity etc people can keep themselves warm or cook food and even will not be able to use any kind of electronic appliances. Thus the demand of the energy is quite constant and high. But if there is any major change in the cost of energy then there is a significant change occurs in the stock market. Same goes for the oil or gas prices. When the prices are high, people have to pay higher price for availing the transports. Thus it affects their buying capability of other consumer goods. This directly affects the stock market and it tends to fall down as soon as the oil prices increase. 

#4: Wars and Issues

International and Domestic issues like wars have a direct and negative effect on the stock market. Even issues like political unrest, crime and fraud have a negative impact on the stocks. In this situation often market prices increase and consumers tend to buy lesser products and save more. Thus it affects the businesses directly and their stocks. Investors try to sell their stocks before it the prices start falling. Thus, the war and issues, be it domestic or international, have a huge impact on the stock market.

These 4 are some of the main reasons behind the changes in the stock market. You can often see that the stock market has crashed and is going down steeply. The reason behind this downfall is often one of these above reasons. Inflation being one of the most common problems all over the world causes changes in the stock prices. The prices of the stocks often go down and up depending on the nature of the socio political and economic environment of the world. Experts can predict a lot about the upcoming changes in the stock prices by analysing a particular situation. Whenever you see any of these 4 problems in the world, you will know that it is going to have an impact on the stock market sooner or later.

Some Facts about the Stock Market in 2016

Some Facts about the Stock Market in 2016

The global stock markets were not so stable during last year and its affect was seen in 2016 as in this year the markets opened with a fall due to various reasons. Some facts about the stock market in 2016 are provided here under which will help you in understanding the expected position of world stock markets in this year. These facts may include:

The stocks in the world stock markets are neither distributed nor accumulated but they are currently being traded even after their poor performance in last year and at the beginning of 2016.
More than 200 day SMA holding of $QQQ makes it the strongest index ETF
In order to play safe $IWM, $DIA and $SPY are still trading below their 200 day SMA
In such situation investors should focus on trading on short term stocks on the basis of their price fluctuation instead of investing on stocks in general.
The stable trend of $VIX today can be termed as a good sign for bullish trend in world stock markets.
Similarly neutral performance of $NYMO shows that the market is neither overbought nor oversold.
The investors should invest cautiously for long time as the downfall in the market can continue for long as compared to its upward trend.
Due to lack of breakout trend since last more than a year investors are still selling strong stocks and buying weaker ones.
Because of holding the low stocks and supporting the trends of various stock markets the downtrend of global stocks in 2016 is not clear so far.
Unless strong signals to support the move or a breakout are observed, one will have to remain flexible to understand the future trend of stock markets in 2016. The downtrend of the stock market cannot be determined only on the downfall of few stocks but it can be confirmed with the lowering of high and low stocks. 

The trend of stock markets in 2016 can also be understood with the help of the predictions made by Wall Street in this regard. These predictions about the Stock Market in 2016 are briefly described here under for your consideration. 

Most investors who have invested in stocks all over the world might be wondering about the trend of the global stocks in 2016. The prediction made by 14 Wall Street will help them in understanding these trends during this year so that they can act accordingly and earn profits as well as prevent losses. If any trader wants to maximize his profit in 2016 then he should analyze the market trends very carefully before placing any order.

2016 is the sixth year of bullish trend of world stock markets. But the end of this bullish trend is feared to be observed in near future due to various reasons including slowing down of global economic growth, tight monetary policy of Federal Reserve, flattening of the growth of earnings, unusual hike in dollar and terrible downfall in commodity prices. But this idea was not supported by most of the predictions made by Wall Street.

According to the prediction of 14 Wall Street the S&P 500 is not expected to be any lower than 2,050 by the end of 2016 by any of the 14 best equity strategies suggested by Business Insider, which closed at 2043.9 by the end of 2015. On the contrary, this index was expected to surge up to 2,325 by some obstinate bull. 

According to Business Insider a rocker look will be seen everywhere in global stock markets in 2016. Only predictions can help one to stay ahead of the market trends in real sense. The predictions made for the market trends in 2016 are based on the hottest styles and trends faced by them to remain out of the curves. 

They made these predictions on the basis of what they have experienced on the runways and streets, in the stores and on the screen to help the investors in the New Year. They have also rounded up the calls on Wall Street from various top level companies to make these predictions about the stock market in 2016. 

Such calls were also included by Wall Street while predicting the market trends for 2015. You can ensure the reliability of these predictions by comparing them with the performance of the market during previous year. Some of the 2015 predictions were repeated at the opening of global stock markets in 2016.

Effective Tips For Beginners In Forex Trading 3

Effective Tips For Beginners In Forex Trading 3

Forex trading is the idea of simultaneously purchasing one currency while marketing another, mainly for the purpose of speculation. When trading a currency pair, for instance USD/EUR (US dollar/Euro), it means you are speculating the first currency in that pair, against the second currency. In the given example, it will be whether the US dollar will fall or rise against the Euro. When you think that the value of the US dollar will depreciate or fall against the Euro, you would go short and market. If you think the worth of the US dollar will appreciate or rise against the Euro, you would go long and purchase. 

You will profit if the market moves in favor of your position in the event of correct speculations. You will incur a loss, if the market moves against your position. This is just the comprehensive explanation of how Forex trading works. Forex has caused huge losses to many undisciplined and inexperienced traders over the years. You need not to be part of those traders even while trying to understand the concept as a newbie. Have you been pondering on the effective tips for beginners in Forex trading? Reading through the rest part of this article will help you discover great tips for beginners in Forex trading.

Understand Your Needs:

Recognizing the markets is a great way to profit in Forex trading. Knowing yourself is the first method to recognizing the markets. Gaining self-awareness is the first step to take in Forex trading. You have to ensure that your capital allocation and risk tolerance are not lacking or excessive.

Carefully Select Your Broker:

This point is usually ignored by most newbie traders. However, it has several overemphasized benefits in the long run. There is every possibility that an unreliable or fake broker may scam your efforts derived from hard work by invalidating all the gains. Ensure to check the offer given by the broker and see if it matches your level of expertise. Choose carefully a reliable broker and enjoy your Forex trading experience. 

Concentrate On A Single Currency Pair:

The currency trading world is complicated and deep, due to the chaotic nature of the markets. The diverse purposes and characters can as well make the currency trading world to remain intricate. It is difficult to understand all the different types of financial activities going on in the globe. For this reason, you can limit your Forex trading activity to a single currency pair. You should only select the currency pair of your expertise. 

The Essential Importance of the Foreign Exchange Market Forex

The Essential Importance of the Foreign Exchange Market Forex

The modern world moves at a fantastic pace. In a space of a single day, almost any corner of the world communicates and trades with every other part. This inconceivable level of global trade and the sheer movements of goods, services and ideas result in a staggering amount of money changing hands. But, while every single business transaction that goes into this endless process means that someone is making a profit, there is an also a way of creating money out of the movement itself, mainly because all this trade is based on national currencies. As trade goes one, currencies also change in value, not only under the effect of the global markets but also by geopolitical circumstances, national economies and many other factors. But, in this domain, a phenomenon called Forex trading allows individuals and companies to produce huge profits from investing in the currencies themselves.

The foreign exchange market, also known as Forex, represents a decentralized system that is used for trading of different currencies. Because of this, Forex trading includes all aspects of this process, including selling, buying and exchanging any number of national currencies at a price that is currently valid or at a price that was previously determined. The main actors on the Forex market are the large international banks. These organizations are involved in the process in a full capacity and many of the biggest global banks produce a significant percentage of their overall earnings through Forex trading. The same market is also the system that determines the price or the value of any given currency, often under the sheer impact of supply and demand effect.

Thanks to the essential importance of currencies in any country in the world, Forex trading is also an exceedingly important factor for the global economy. On a purely utilitarian level, its role is to assist the process of international investment and trade by providing a platform for currency conversion. In fact, it is the largest financial market operating on the planet, where it towers over any other market, including the stock exchange. During a single day of Forex trading, an average value being traded reaches 2,000 billion US dollars, while there were instances when daily trading surpassed 4.9 trillion US dollars. No other market can come close to competing with this scale of trading.

Because of this, it is clear that the process of Forex trading is one of the most important factors that determine the financial outlook of the global markets and the national economies as well. At the same time, for all those who are working inside of this market as traders, investors or some other role, it is a place that can provide an unparalleled possibility for generating profits each and every day.



Forex commonly referred to as FX’ or Foreign exchange is the exchange of one currency for another at an agreed price on the OTC (over the counter) market. It is the world’s largest market with a turnover of over $5.2 trillion every day.

It is also a world decentralized marketplace where values of different currencies are determined. Unlike other markets, there is no a centralized exchange or depository where different transactions are made. Instead everything is done by several market participants in multiple locations. It is very rare to find that 2 different currencies are identical in value and it is also almost impossible that any 2 currencies will maintain the same value for a long time. In FX’ the exchange rates between 2 different currencies change constantly.

Typically, forex trading is the endeavor of synchronously purchasing one currency while selling another one, mainly due to speculation. Currency values fall and appreciate against each other because of a number of factors including geopolitics and economics. The main goal of most forex traders is to gain profit from these buying and selling in the value of one currency against another one by speculating on how the forex processes are likely to be in future.

It works in the same way as stock trading. A trader here will only buy a particular stock if they speculate that its value is likely to rise in future. Likewise, forex traders will only buy a particular currency if he or she expects its exchange rate to rise in future and sell a currency if they expect its value to fall in future.


Foreign exchange is a margined or leveraged product. This essentially means that a trader is only required to deposit a small percentage of the value of his or her position to place their forex trade. In essence this means that their potential for gaining or loosing from their original capital outlay is considerably higher than in other forms of trading.


All forex is usually quoted in relation to another currency. Every currency pair has a counter and base currency. The counter currency is always on the left while the base currency is usually on the right.

What affects forex prices?

Forex prices are affected by a number of different factors, from investment flows to international trade to political or economic conditions. This is what makes this type of trading so exciting and interesting. When there is high market liquidity, it means prices can easily change dramatically in response to short term events and news, creating a number of opportunities for forex retail traders. Some main factors that affect currency values are:

-Economic and Political stability

-Monetary Policy

-Currency intervention

-Natural disasters 

Foreign Currency Exchange

Foreign Currency Exchange

market (Forex) is a global market, where traders can exchange their currencies, at any time, online. It includes all aspects of buying, selling and exchanging currencies, at current or fixed prices, and focuses on assisting international trade and investments, by enabling currency conversion. These kind of transactions include everything; from the conversion of currencies by a traveler from a converter kiosk in an airport to billion-dollar payments, which are made by corporate giants around the world. For example, it permits a company, which is based in the United States to import goods from European Union member states, especailly Eurozone members, and pay in Euro currency, even though its income is in the United State dollars.

The mechanics of a trade are typically identical to those in other markets or stock exchange. The only difference is that on Forex, when someone buys one currency, has to sell another at the same time. That’s why the currencies are always quoted in pairs, like the EUR/USD (Euro and US Dollar). If a trader believes that the Euro will increase in value against the US Dollar, he buys Euros with US Dollars. If this exchange rate rises, he sells the Euros back and cashes out his profit.

Moreover, foreign currency exchange rates fuctuate, based on several economic factors, such as inflation, geopolitical events or industrial production. These factors can influence a great deal the traders and it’s important to take all these factors in consideration before deciding if they have to buy or sell a currency pair. Even though the foreign currency exhcange can be profitable for the traders, it also carries a lot of risk and may not be suitable for everyone. So, it’s very important that before anyone decides to trade foreign exchange, has to carefully consider his investment objectives, as well as his level of experience in the trading market and of course all the risks involved. Moreover he should sustain a loss of some or maybe all of his initial investments, which means that it’s better not to invest money that he can’t afford to lose. In case of doubt, it’s better to ask for the help of a special advisor on these matters.

As technologies have improved the latest years, the foreign currency exchange market has become more accessible, resulting in an unprecedented growth in online currency trading. In fact, it has become an international online market for traders all over the world, with around 3.2 trillion dollars in daily volume and operates 24 hours market action.

Learning To Profit From Forex

Learning To Profit From Forex
Forex trading is a lucrative business with high potential for profits if carried out in a smart way. Earning profits from forex trading is one of the ideas that are being sold everywhere to people looking to generate profit at high speed and seek answers to their money problems. 

Earning good profit from Forex entails knowing the foundation and understanding the fundamentals of forex trading. In a conventional way of transacting forex trading, brokers are needed to provide all necessary information related to the daily activities.

Here are simple ways to earn profit from forex:


Successful forex trading calls for careful planning. It’s a good idea to plan ahead of time. Changing the plan more often is inviting trouble and diminishing the chances of earning great profit.


Patience is important for traders who want to make it in forex trading. However, patience must be combined with careful risk management. Patience assists traders to avoid poor entries and minor forex mistakes. Profit may not come immediately and therefore it’s in the best interest of traders to open each trade and wait for profit. 

Cultivate an improved trading system

Every system can assist trader’s gain more profits especially if it is not associated to an additional system. Forex traders should investigate and find a new system that can make better endeavors. A trading system may suddenly stop working due to a number of reasons. Traders must keep on top of this and abandon whatever is not working.

Add extra traders

Traders will obviously bring in good results with hard work. However, they may get to a point where they are no longer efficient. For instance a dealer can trade 100 million dollars efficiently but if they exceed that figure, they will no longer be efficient. The best way to ensure more profits is to add more traders. Therefore, forex traders must ensure their current dealers are more effective at what they are doing for a trading business. A good way to increase their productivity is by coaching them and coming up with a bonus incentive program.

Use the big picture

Although traders use a chart time frame of their choice, it’s a wise decision to use a longer time frame as the point of reference. It is advisable to look at the daily chart and plan trades in the direction of the daily trend.

Like in any other form of trading, forex trading is not for everyone. The most successful people in forex are big risk takers. When investing in forex, one must be ready to expose their money to risk. Generally, it takes research and experience to make forex trading a success.

A forex trader must be disciplined in all aspects to earn more profit. They must manage their investments properly. An effective way to earn profit from forex is determined by a strong foundation of knowledge on market dynamics.

Lastly, forex traders must always adapt new technologies in trading especially in online forex trading, which is the most recent trend nowadays.